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FabTech Rigging understands the importance vital production time and scheduled preventive maintenance. This is the reason FabTech Rigging can handle your welding (24hr mobile/shop), rigging  and scheduled preventive maintenance with the technical knowledge and skill it takes to complete these events.  FabTech Rigging can install, repair, replace, or move machinery or heavy equipment for any type of business in the Central Texas area.

  • What is the FabTech Rigging Preventive Maintenance Program?

    Studies show a modern and cost-effective approach to preventive maintenance shows that there is no maintenance cost optimum. Instead, maintenance costs will decrease at the same time as costs for production losses also decrease. No preventive maintenance action should be performed unless proven to be less costly then the failure that can occur. Our Preventive maintenance activities are primarily condition-based on the condition of a component, measured when the equipment is in operation, governs planned and scheduled preventive maintenance. A standard preventive maintenance procedure should be developed and documented and FabTech Rigging can do just that. Our low-cost PM program can be custom designed to match your budget and save thousand of dollars in the high contractors dollar costs. The cost savings for our program is simple and we will glad come to your site to show your company how it can be done.

    Depending on your site specific needs, FabTech Rigging will check and adjust items like:

    • Belt Tension
    • Air Filter Examination and Exchange
    • Custom Filter Frame Installation
    • Tool Alignment
    • Vibration Control
    • Conveyor Adjustment
    • Lubrication
    • Brushes / Contacts (motor)
    • and much more

     From conveyors to roof top units, FabTech Rigging strives to beat the competition in price and service satisfaction to save your company valuable dollars.

    Our Partners in Industry come from all areas like Manufacturing/Processing, Computer/Semiconductor, Beverage Wholesalers and Retailers, Government - State and Local, Publishing, and many more. Call us today for a free  estimate on your next project or to set up a no cost Preventive Maintenance evaluation. Our quality and pricing can't be beat in Central Texas.